Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kanagawa tabihakusya fair

Kanagawa tabihakusya fair

The date and time   From 10:00 Sunday August 30 in 2015, 17:00.
A place   ARIO Hashimoto.
Exhibition hall outside the hood coat side outfield

There is an exhibition of light campers in Kanagawa-ken.
Have you seen a camper of a minicar?
It's a very compact car, but I know the people traveling by the car much.

A place is ARIO Hashimoto.
There is a big parking lot.
It's 5 minutes on foot from JR Yokohama Line, Sagami-sen and Keio Sagamihara line Hashimoto station.

It's a free entrance.
ARIO Hashimoto is a big shopping mall. You can have a meal and also enjoy shopping here.

A magazine publishing house related to a camper also opens a stall. It's possible to buy a back issue of the past as well as a new publication.

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