Thursday, September 17, 2015

GACYAGACYA(capuel toy)

Do you like capsel toy?
A toy capsel  is called GACHAGAJA,GASYAPON in Japanese.
We're calling GACYAGACYA, what are you calling this?

This capsel toy is the Europe car volume of the car of the world.

We like a capsel toys  very much.
There is seen first at one corner where many capsel toy are put.
There is a fascinating toy capsule at a travel destination.
Therefore I often go out to the station on the way, ServiceArea and Parking Area.
The price was 100 yen before. But now is 300 yen or 400 yen need.
A capsel toy of MINIONZU wasn't around the house.
Find it by chance at a travel destination, oh, it was done.
We tried twice. Bob appeared the twice !!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kanagawa tabihakusya fair

Kanagawa tabihakusya fair

The date and time   From 10:00 Sunday August 30 in 2015, 17:00.
A place   ARIO Hashimoto.
Exhibition hall outside the hood coat side outfield

There is an exhibition of light campers in Kanagawa-ken.
Have you seen a camper of a minicar?
It's a very compact car, but I know the people traveling by the car much.

A place is ARIO Hashimoto.
There is a big parking lot.
It's 5 minutes on foot from JR Yokohama Line, Sagami-sen and Keio Sagamihara line Hashimoto station.

It's a free entrance.
ARIO Hashimoto is a big shopping mall. You can have a meal and also enjoy shopping here.

A magazine publishing house related to a camper also opens a stall. It's possible to buy a back issue of the past as well as a new publication.

Tabipura Stamp Rally

Tabipura Stamp Rally
Period    11/25-from 7/25/2015
A place  Shizuoka Prefecture

Stamp form distribution place  
The station on the way and the tourist information of stamp installation.
The charge  
Several tourist facilities need the entrance fee.

Stamps are collected at a target tourist facility in Shizuoka-ken.

There are Mt. Fuji of the world's heritage, Nirayama hansyaro and Izu gio park.

The stamp is different in design every 4 areas in Izu, Fuji, the central part and the west.

This stamp rally can participate in a cellular phone and smart phone.

You have 3 areas of tour, 2 area tour and 1 area tour in an application course.
3 area course collects each 1 for each stamps in 3 areas.
2 area course collects 3 stamps in 2 areas.
1 area course collects 3 stamps in 1 area.

When you enter requirements and apply respectively, goods are won in lot.

There are a sea and a mountain in Shizuoka Prefecture, too and are a lot of tourist facilities. 
When traveling around Shizuoka Prefecture, let's try !

Gurutto Mt Fuji Stamp Rally

Gurutto Mt Fuji Stamp Rally
Period    8/31-from 7/18/2015
A place  Shizuoka Prefecture,Yamanashi Prefecture
Stamp form distribution place  
The station on the way and the tourist information of stamp installation.
The charge  
When mailing a stamp form, postage is needed.

You go around the station on the way, the tourist information, a shrine and Visitor Center around Mt. Fuji.
Stamps in facilities where each is different are collected.

If stamps are collected, requirements are entered.

You drop a letter into an exclusive box in a stamp installation site or stamp and mail it to a secretariat.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Do you know the stamp rally?

Do you know the stamp rally?

The stamp rally collects stamps decided to the decided paper.

The prize can be able to be gotten, and to enter it in the prize and lot by collecting.

The stamp rally that uses a smart phone and the cellular phone is done recently.

There are various stamp rallies in Japan.
It is various from the one at limited time to the one without the period and a pay, free one.

Let's try stamp rally during a trip to Japan.
It ’s so much fun.

It introduces the stamp rally in which we are participating.

Monday, August 17, 2015

About MidiPopBee

Our car is MidiPopBee.

The cabin is united with the light ace track. It looks like the track camper. However, it’s not possible to detach it. It is a type that the camper is uniting with the track. We can move easily from the driver's seat and the passenger's seat to the cabin. It’s very convenient when it is rainy and it is cold.

The MidiPopBee is really similar to a MiniPop and a MiniPopBee.

A MiniPop is a Japanese mini truck. It's a very compact car, so when running through the Japanese small way, it's very convenient.

The MidiPopBee is a little bigger than a MiniPop.
It can run to a slope and long distance tightly.

We're traveling by a MidiPopBee.

 A MidiPopBee and a MiniPopBee are being sold in M.Y.S.
It's possible to have a test ride.
To MYS, a home page is this.