Thursday, September 17, 2015

GACYAGACYA(capuel toy)

Do you like capsel toy?
A toy capsel  is called GACHAGAJA,GASYAPON in Japanese.
We're calling GACYAGACYA, what are you calling this?

This capsel toy is the Europe car volume of the car of the world.

We like a capsel toys  very much.
There is seen first at one corner where many capsel toy are put.
There is a fascinating toy capsule at a travel destination.
Therefore I often go out to the station on the way, ServiceArea and Parking Area.
The price was 100 yen before. But now is 300 yen or 400 yen need.
A capsel toy of MINIONZU wasn't around the house.
Find it by chance at a travel destination, oh, it was done.
We tried twice. Bob appeared the twice !!

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