Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tabipura Stamp Rally

Tabipura Stamp Rally
Period    11/25-from 7/25/2015
A place  Shizuoka Prefecture

Stamp form distribution place  
The station on the way and the tourist information of stamp installation.
The charge  
Several tourist facilities need the entrance fee.

Stamps are collected at a target tourist facility in Shizuoka-ken.

There are Mt. Fuji of the world's heritage, Nirayama hansyaro and Izu gio park.

The stamp is different in design every 4 areas in Izu, Fuji, the central part and the west.

This stamp rally can participate in a cellular phone and smart phone.

You have 3 areas of tour, 2 area tour and 1 area tour in an application course.
3 area course collects each 1 for each stamps in 3 areas.
2 area course collects 3 stamps in 2 areas.
1 area course collects 3 stamps in 1 area.

When you enter requirements and apply respectively, goods are won in lot.

There are a sea and a mountain in Shizuoka Prefecture, too and are a lot of tourist facilities. 
When traveling around Shizuoka Prefecture, let's try !

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