Monday, August 17, 2015

About MidiPopBee

Our car is MidiPopBee.

The cabin is united with the light ace track. It looks like the track camper. However, it’s not possible to detach it. It is a type that the camper is uniting with the track. We can move easily from the driver's seat and the passenger's seat to the cabin. It’s very convenient when it is rainy and it is cold.

The MidiPopBee is really similar to a MiniPop and a MiniPopBee.

A MiniPop is a Japanese mini truck. It's a very compact car, so when running through the Japanese small way, it's very convenient.

The MidiPopBee is a little bigger than a MiniPop.
It can run to a slope and long distance tightly.

We're traveling by a MidiPopBee.

 A MidiPopBee and a MiniPopBee are being sold in M.Y.S.
It's possible to have a test ride.
To MYS, a home page is this.

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